Submitted By: Tri-Valley ROP

The Tri-Valley Educational Collaborative (TEC) is an organization that has been in place for over 24 years. TEC is a collaborative forum that evaluates and plans Career Technical Education articulation strategies through a regional effort among the following education jurisdictional governing boards: Dublin Unified, Livermore Valley Joint Unified, Pleasanton Unified, Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, Las Positas College, and the Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program (TVROP). The co-chairs of the organization are the community college and TVROP.

The mission of the Tri-Valley Educational Collaborative is to ensure that all students learn and apply the academic, thinking, and interpersonal skills and personal qualities needed to be successful in their life’s work.

The collaborative meets multiple times a year during the school day. Teachers, counselors, and administrators at both the college and high school districts come together for professional development in career pathway development and enhancement. Topics for the meetings are developed by an administrative council made up of the VP of Academic Services of the college, the Executive Director of TVROP, Directors of Curriculum of the school districts, and business. The topics are aligned to the annual theme and the 11 elements of a successful CTE program. This collaborative has successfully articulated multiple courses and pathways over the years.