Who We Serve – CTE Teachers

Coaching, supporting and the professional development of CTE teachers is a critical aspect to success.  Below are ways that California’s career and college readiness organizations support CTE teachers.

CTE Online: California’s career and college readiness organizations were instrumental in the collaboration of this website portal where teachers use curriculum development tools and resources to document and share the exceptional, industry-specific instruction taking place regularly in our public schools.

CTE TEACH: Funded by the Governor’s Career Technical Education Initiative Senate Bill 70, California’s career and college readiness organizations supported the design and implementation of this professional development program. Similar to the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program for academic teachers, CTE TEACH specifically supports new CTE teachers transitioning from industry to the teaching profession. In addition to the CTE TEACH curriculum, six Early Orientation Modules (fulfilling the Early Orientation requirement for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing), ten Professional Development Modules, and one Train the Trainer Module have been created and are hosted on the CTE Online Web site for use by CTE TEACH teachers and CTE TEACH Mentor Teachers throughout the state.

Leadership Development Institute: California’s career and college readiness organizations support and partner with the California Department of Education in the delivery of a Leadership Development Institute (LDI) which provides statewide staff development for currently employed educational professionals (CTE teachers/instructors, CTE coordinators, CTE department chairs, community college leaders of CTE), in the form of Professional Development Modules (PDMs) focused on the preparation of future CTE Administrators. PDMs vary in length from half day to full day events. Various recognized experts from the field  present content focused on the practical application of current trends in the organization and in the delivery of CTE. Contact us for more information.

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