Submitted By: East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC

The ESGVROP/TC medical assistant program is expanding. Finding new externship sites helps ESGVROP/TC get students hired. One student, Elizabeth Salcedo, needed an externship site that was closer to her house. Her medical assisting instructor called the Foundation Medical Group in Pico Rivera. They accepted her. She made such an impact on that clinic that the clinic next door called ESGVROP/TC asking for students. Elizabeth was hired and the clinic next door, Dr. Khalid Nur’s ofice, hired another student, Annabel Mejorada.

At another site, a back office supervisor called the ROP instructor requesting a student. The instructor sent medical assisting student, Jessica Valdez. On the first day that Jessica arrived for work, there were multiple people who were scheduled to work, but did not come in. Jessica didn’t have a chance to be trained on the particulars of this office; She got thrown in. After this experience, she returned to her instructor and shared that she did vitals and roomed 25 patients, answered all phone calls, gave injections and assisted the doctor in scheduling. She handled everything well. As she neared the end of her externship, the doctor offered her a job. The doctor also stated that he would like to pay for Jessica to get her phlebotomy certificate. ESGVROP/TC is proving that externship sites are a win-win for businesses and the students who participate.