Submitted By: Mission Valley ROP

Student Background

The first former MVROP student hired by Tesla, Rafael Urrera, a talented hard-worker who successfully completed the Auto Body Painting and Refinshing program, described the process as very quick and almost surreal. After the initial phone conversation with Tesla’s hiring agency, Rafael found himself with a job offer. This was quickly followed by Tesla inquiring how soon he could start training for his newly acquired position. Within a few days, Rafael found himself in training and shortly thereafter, hard at work on the assembly line in the Tesla factory. He says he loves working for the company and has been pulling nearly sixty hours a week since he started his position.

Program Description

Tesla has ramped up its production schedule at its Fremont location which created an immediate demand for new qualified personnel. Tesla, a company that is notoriously selective about the type of employee it will hire, contacted Mission Valley ROP Auto Body and Refinishing instructor, Johnny Cimino, to recruit the top alumni from his program. To date, Mission Valley ROP is proud to state five MVROP alumni have been hired by Tesla.


Similar stories, from the expedient hiring process, to the deep satisfaction and sense of pride which has resulted from the Tesla working experience, is echoed from MVROP alumni new hires: Jacob Hillar, Brian Bolliba, Joe Scrippility and John Morris. All former MVROP students speak enthusiastically about their experience and have visited MVROP to share their excitement about their success. MVROP is very proud of our alumni and wish each of them great professional success.