Submitted By: Eden Area ROP

Student Background

Starting at a very young age, Anthony was interested in a career in Law Enforcement. In high school he joined the Hayward Police Explorer program. He realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the law enforcement pathway. He was introduced to the Criminal Justice Program by his counselor and immediately enrolled.

Program Description

The criminal justice program is designed to give students both theory and hands-on experience in the skills and knowledge of forensic science, including introduction to crime scene investigation, crime scene photography, physical evidence in solving crimes, dusting and lifting fingerprints, and evidence collecting and processing methods. Emphasis is placed on the importance of effective communication and interpersonal skills, professional development, strong academic skills, problem solving, safety, and the use of technology.

Anthony said, “This program helped me understand this career is not all about driving fast cars, arresting people or shooting guns. It is about serving and helping people. My instructor taught the value of giving back and volunteering my time to help others.”


After graduating in 2007, Anthony continued his education at California State University, East Bay. In 2010, he gradated with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice . Still motivated to pursue a career in Law enforcement, he enrolled into the Alameda County Sheriff’s Basic Police Academy. He graduated the police academy and received employment with the Alameda County Sheriffs Office. There is a lot to learn in becoming a great law enforcement officer. There is constant change in today‚Äôs laws that require constant studying.