Submitted By: Hart District ROP

An advisory team consisting of local business and community leaders from companies including AccuSimm, McGregor Shott, The Wildcat Business Group, State Bureau of Automotive Repair, City of Santa Clarita, SCVTV, and the Santa Clarita WorkSource Center met four times during spring 2013 to brainstorm with Hart District Career Technical Education/Regional Occupational Program and College of the Canyons educators identifying the skills students should have when entering the workforce. The following list of CTE/ROP Student Learner Outcomes resulted.

CTE/ROP Student Learner Outcomes: Creating College and Career Connections

1. Demonstrate appropriate work ethic through:
• Punctual, regular attendance
• Personal integrity, honesty, respect
• Collaboration and teamwork, working cooperatively with others
• Positive attitude, enthusiasm, initiative, decisiveness

2. Demonstrate appropriate employment preparation through:
• Assessment, career planning, goal setting
• Resume, employment application, interview skills
• Attainment of course specific competencies

3. Demonstrate entry level use of appropriate technology and equipment through:
• Adherence to safety procedures, precautions
• Application of knowledge, skills
• Workplace simulation/internships

4. Demonstrate effective communication through:
• Workplace appropriate verbal, written and listening skills
• Performance of verbal and written direction