Submitted By: Los Angeles Unified School District ROP

Keck Medical Center of USC is a proud partner with R.O.P and their career technical education program. We have seen the importance of these programs and how they help round off the education of the students that participate. The program at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet is a great fit here at Keck Medical Center of USC. Some of the students have gone on to work here as well as continue their education here at USC and at UCLA’s Nursing program. These classes clearly help motivate the students to continue to pursue careers in the medical field.

We need more programs like these as they help prepare countless students with the skills they need to be competitive in the 21st century job market.

As we are a teaching Hospital we enjoy having the students here and watching them discover the skills required in the Medical field. We have seen the students come back to us as Nurses and Doctors years later and that shows us that career technical education classes at the high school level are effective and produce productive members of society.

Elizabeth Vega, Director of Volunteer Services
Keck Medical Center of USC