Submitted By: Los Angeles Unified School District ROP

Good Samaritan Hospital, a medical center with 408 licensed beds is affiliated with both USC and UCLA Schools of Medicine and supports eight Centers of Excellence that focus on advancing the science of medicine while providing outstanding patient care. We have been a partner with LAUSD for approximately seven years in participation with their Regional Occupational Program (ROP).

We believe ROP is not only a community classroom; it is an investment in the future of our youth and the community. As a hands-on learning and work experience program, ROP provides the student with mentors to instruct and train them in the essential skills necessary to be a success in the workplace. The students in this program come to learn and work and in the process, they begin to realize a potential within themselves that did not previously exist. Their communication and leadership skills are formed and the students leave with a feeling of accomplishment and self confidence that will serve them well into their future.

The medical staff at Good Samaritan Hospital is very impressed with the student’s work ethics and willingness to learn. These students come with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a dedication that clearly contributes to the success of the program. It is inspiring to hear their feedback as they express their experience as exciting, informative, and definitely worthwhile.

I know that both LAUSD and Good Samaritan Hospital are committed to this program. Our staff provides the students with possibilities for a future in the medical/health industry and we are all encouraged by the success of this program.

Good Samaritan Hospital will continue to be a stakeholder in the community with LAUSD/ROP.

Esther B. Duenas
Director, Volunteer Services
Good Samaritan Hospital