Submitted By: Eden Area ROP

Student Background

Kim was a high school student who had talent in welding, yet he was angry most of the time and refused to work with anyone. His welding teacher wouldn’t give up on him and was able to connect with Kim and help him see a future for himself. Shortly thereafter, Kim was working with other students in the class and his anger issues were subsiding.

Program Description

The welding program provides students with job-ready, entry-level welding and fabrication skills. Equipment setup and troubleshooting, safety procedures and operational skills in GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, FLUX welding are covered. Additionally, Plasma cutting, Band saw, grinders, identifying hand tools and safety is taught. Students learn blueprint and symbol reading, layouts and fit-ups, and fixtures. Students create resumes, practice interviews, improve communication skills, and learn terminology for careers in the industry.


Kim has taken advantage of what he learned in welding, sending his teacher this message:

“Ms. J, I didn’t get a chance to thank you for helping me with my life, and giving me welding skills. I am so glad you told me to go to the ROP. I have a job as a welder/mechanic at Guardians Garage in Castro Valley. Me and my Dad bought a TIG welder and do work together at our house. I live in our upper remodeled garage, my apt. now. Everything is good and I am taking classes at Chabot in the evening. I couldn’t have had a better teacher and friend.”

Kim’s mother added, “Thank you! My son has changed so much; whatever you did at the ROP in your program, keep doing it!”