Submitted By: North Orange County ROP

Student Background

Upon entering junior high, Danny had dreams of starting his own YouTube channel. The idea of being a “one man band” intrigued him. He was attracted to the potential to write, edit and produce his own materials. Danny began high school seeking an opportunity to learn technical skills that would jump-start a career in arts, media and entertainment.

Program Description

During the second semester of his senior year, Danny decided to take ROP’s Computer Graphics and Design. This ROP class provides instruction in electronic layout, design and illustration as used in the preparation of electronic and print-ready artwork. Danny took advantage of the opportunity to take this class after school. Through this experience, he learned to utilize tools in Adobe Creative Suite by working with applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. According to Danny, being enrolled in the class allowed him access to technology that he would not have otherwise encountered. “In class, I had my own computer and I learned how to create designs with words and images,” he said. During this time, Danny also started a YouTube channel with a classmate, Jamal Shelton. Danny’s instructor, Leslie Caldera, encouraged them and gave them the skills that they needed to create logos, thumb nails, and images to accompany videos.


Today, Danny is a fulltime student at Golden West College where he studies digital media. Between classes, he is able to freelance for a popular cookie company, based in Los Angeles. Danny’s designs have a fresh look and modern appeal that fit the company’s vision. He continues to produce comedic videos, with his classmate, on a growing YouTube channel. Danny is excited to be continuing his education and gaining experiences to help him gain popularity as a YouTube personality.