Submitted By: Butte County ROP

Student Background

Over 17 competitions were offered in Home Economics Careers and Technology related subjects. Students had projects or engaged in complex situations judged by industry professionals. Students qualifying to 5th place in each category are given the opportunity to attend the State Leadership Conference and compete for over $190,000 in scholarships and awards.

Program Description

The ROP Culinary Arts II class at Pleasant Valley High School explores the food service and culinary arts industries. Students are introduced to professional cooking, creative catering, baking and artistic food presentations. Students train in kitchen safety, sanitation, equipment use, technical skills in pantry, salads, baking, short order, prepping, catering, cashiering, hosting, waiting and bussing. Students also learn about the hospitality industry and entrepreneurship.


In the category of Commercial Food Preparation, Butte County ROP Culinary Arts II had three Gold Medal Winners: Sara Roggero, Favian Fangel and Cassie Ruckel.