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Student Background

Manali was seven years old when she came to the United States from India. She had to adjust to many cultural changes. When she was in eighth grade, she told her mother that she wanted to work in the medical field. When Manali started at Cerritos High School, she was excited to learn that she could take pharmacy classes through ROP. After taking the Pharmacy Clerk class, she knew she wanted to become a Pharmacist.

Program Description

Manali began taking Southeast ROP’s Pharmacy Clerk class when she was a junior in high school. She took the Pharmacy Technician class when she was a senior. After successfully completing both classes and her internship, she received her Pharmacy Technician License for California and her Pharmacy Technician Certification.


Because of the ROP classes she took, she was accepted to Campbell University in North Carloina to study to become a Pharmacist. Manali is currently in her fourth year at Campbell University. She is working on her MBA in conjunction with her Pharmacy Degree. After two years, she passed the PCAT and was accepted into the Pharmacy Doctorate program. While completing her studies, she supervises review lecture classes in the evenings and assists professors. She also works at Walmart on the weekends as an intern pharmacist.

The ROP classes, technician licenses and certifications, along with her internship experiences, are helping her reach her goals.