Submitted By: Tri-Valley ROP

Student Background

Jennifer Reid is a former student of Tri-Valley ROP’s Nursing Careers Program taught by Nancy McNeil.

Program Description

The course provides an introduction to a career in the field of nursing. Studies include basic understanding of the systems of the body with associated medical terminology and diseases, basic patient care, taking vital signs, charting, medical ethics as well as understanding patient privacy laws. Students learn about the various nursing specialties and the nurse’s role in a variety of healthcare settings. Students complete an internship in the hospital where they will be rotated through three specialties to provide a broad practical experience of nursing duties, such as Maternal Care, Pre-Op and Emergency.


Jennifer was given the opportunity to volunteer in a Tanzania hospital. She was in a labor and delivery department that delivered eighty babies a day. During this time, she delivered three babies by herself and assisted with a cesarean section. It was an experience that she thinks definitely changed her as a person. She is grateful for the opportunity of experiencing the ROP course while still a high school student. The course provided her with hands on experience in a competitive field and gave her the confidence, desire and drive needed to pursue it. She is grateful that her high school district was able to provide this invaluable training for her and countless other students.

Jennifer is currently in her final year of nursing at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing in September, 2014.