Submitted By: Coastline ROP

Student Background

When Elaine was in eighth grade, her older brother became very sick. With her brother’s costly medical expenses, her parents encouraged her to study to become a pharmacist and secure a high salary. During this time, she began to question whether she really wanted to pursue that path, or become a nurse instead.

Program Description

Despite not having her family’s approval, Elaine registered for two ROP classes-Medical Nursing Careers Internship and Nursing Assistant Pre-Certification(CNA)Internship. When asked about her experience with ROP, Elaine said, “ROP classes have given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of nursing through hospital tours, guest speakers, and hands-on experience in the field. These classes have turned my interest into a passion and have inspired me to pursue my goal of becoming a nurse.”


After completing her classes, Elaine passed the state certification exam and become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. She is currently enrolled at Irvine Valley College and plans to go through the nursing program at Saddleback College. Elaine is satisfied with her career pathway because she believes that happiness and passion are more important than financial success. While she may have made more money as a pharmacist, she would not have enjoyed it as much. For Elaine, becoming a nurse will give her a greater sense of fulfillment.